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Frequently Asked Questions

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Shredder FAQs Paper Folder FAQs Currency Counter FAQs Check Signing FAQ's
Shredder Questions


How much does a shredder cost?

The old saying stands true with purchasing a Paper Shredder. You get what you pay for. There are many low end paper shredders on the market today. Some maybe ok for your needs. Often people buy a shredder that will break in the first year or first few months they have it. Some shredders have more whistles and bells than others like auto on/off, auto reverse, bag full stop etc. this can add to the cost of a shredder but can also be a convenience.

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What is the right shredder for me or my company?

    There are many things to consider when buying a paper shredder.

    1. Volume you will be shredding per day on average.
      The size of the shredder is very important to the volume of paper to be shredded. You would not want to pull a freight train with a tricycle nor would you want to one minnow in a 200 gallon fish tank.
    2. Sensitivity of the documents to be shredded.
      The more sensitive the documents are to be shredded the smaller the shred size should be. This is a determining factor on cross-cut shredder verses a strip-cut shredder. There are many cut sizes to choose from.
      Many times customers prefer a cross-cut or particle cut shredder over a strip cut shredder for the reason of reducing the bulk or shredded material in the bag. A strip-cut shredder will fill a bag faster than a cross-cut shredder will using the same amount of material to be shredded. Note: usually cross-cut shredders will cost more than a strip-cut machine will.
    3. Shredding only paper or other materials.
      Most shredders are made to handle paper and staples. On a quality shredder paper clips will never have an effect on the shredding cylinders. Shredding plastic, micro film and micro fiche and other material such as floppy disc and compact disc require a better quality shredder made for this purposes.
    4. Price you want to pay.
      Price is important to everyone. We will help you determine the right shredder for your needs and help you to decide on a shredder that should last you for many years.
    5. Where will the machine be located.
      Paper shredders generate dust. And depending on the environment of the shredder location will determine the noise level of the machine. Are you going to need an open or closed stand or will you need a cabinet model. Fiscal size of the unit is important to the location and a power receptacle close buy with proper voltage to run the Shredder

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Do you provide service?

We service all shredders we sell and we offer service contracts or will do a per call service on them. We have field service technicians who will come to you or your shredder can be brought to our shop for repairs. Shredders need periodic maintenance to clean dust and debris from the cutter head and chassis.
Most shredders require lubrication of the cutting cylinders to keep the cutters moving freely. Also lubrication and inspection of drive gears and chains and motor should be done. We also service machine we have not sold. However many machine that are very inexpensive are not worth the repairs to them.

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Paper Folder Questions


What are prices of folders?

Paper Folders come in many shapes and sizes. Always buy a paper folder for the job you intend for in to do.

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Things to know about a paper folder.

Most paper folders are designed to fold a stack of paper and pull one sheet at a time form the stack of paper and fold it.

Many models have features that allow you to fold stapled or unstapled multi sheet (usually up to three sheets) in a manual feed operation.

Knowing what paper size and fold types and weight of paper is important when purchasing a paper folder.

Some Paper folders have automatic self adjusting fold plates and some are manual adjusting plates. The automatic setting models are good for many different kinds of folding jobs. With the automatic setting folders you select the fold type you want and place the paper into the machine. Everything will adjust automatically to accommodate the fold selected.

Some paper folders are very user friendly meaning not a lot of extra adjustments are needed for each run. Others are a little more difficult to set up and keep running the same way with every run.

Paper folders come with or without jam sensors, conveyor stackers and other special features.

Folder / Inserters: Will actually fold papers (multiple sheets) insert them into an envelope and seal the envelope shut. Available with -OMR- for inserting different quantities of paper for each individual client, customer vendor or patient. Example customer A has a three page invoice customer B has a five page invoice. By putting OMR markings on the paper the machines can read the marks and know how many pages to insert into an envelope.

Pressure Seal Folders: Folds and seals the forms to be mailed out without using an envelope. Requires you to use pressure seal forms. These are available from most forms supply companies.

For help with your purchase of a paper folder please call us and we will be happy to give you a recommendation in your price range and folding jobs you want to perform.

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Currency Counter Questions

There are many different currency counters on the market today they range in price from around $300.00 to several thousand dollars. We sell and service several brands and models of currency counters. We sell good quality currency counters that are very serviceable machines and are designed to give you many years of service.

Types of currency counters:

Straight Counters:
Will count a stack of currency and can be set to batch at a specified amount. Batching can be set and the counter will stop every time the specified amount is reached. When the counted currency is removed from the counted section the machine will resume counting until the next batch is reached. Optional features will include counterfeit detection by magnetic ink, Ultra violet or combination of both. These machines can count other media such as tickets and other paper within the specifications of the machine.

Currency Counter Discriminators:
Have all the features of a straight counter. They have the ability to recognize the difference in the value of the bill counted. Our machines are a 2 pocket design and have three operating modes selectable by the operator.

  1. Denomination Detect Mode which targets the first bill passed through and counts only the same value as the first bill. All other bills that are not the same value as the first bill on the stack will be rejected and not counted into the reject pocket. This feature is used most and is designed for accurately counting and strapping, batching and verifying currency. This machine will also keep track of totals and show grand totals of currency counted.
  2. Mix Mode used for counting mixed currency values gives you an accurate count and grand total of mixed value of currency. Can also show you exactly how many of each denomination has been counted. This feature is good for quickly counting bags or drawers of mixed currencies.
  3. Straight Count Mode
    Counts currency without recognizing the currency values.

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Other Features of the Discriminators:

Facing and orientation of the bills.

Counterfeit Detection.

Bill fitness.

Currency counters will require maintenance service from time to time to insure accuracy voltage adjustments to counting sensors and cleaning of accumulated dust from sensors is required. Also cleaning of the feed and transport rollers should be done for a smooth operation.
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Check Signer Questions


Is a check signer secure?

Our check signers have key and lock control and audit counters installed. Many of our customers use two people when checks are to be signed for security reasons one person has control of the signature plate and the other has control of the on/off key.

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We offer several check writing and check signing machines.

Sheet feed signers that are stand alone machines to sign checks that have been printed by a laser printer or are individual separated sheets.

Signers that will actually sign the checks when they are being printing through a laser printer or dot matrix printer.

Continuous form signers for signing checks that are attached together and printed by a dot matrix printer and are then detached after signing for distribution.

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